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Why Testosterone May Not Improve Erectile Dysfunction!

Have you or someone you know tried Viagra and Cialis with little to no improvement? Did you know 50% of men don’t respond to them? A new research study might hold the answer… A group of 60+ year old men with Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome (EDS)…

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There Is Hope for Poor Circulation…

Suffering from cold, numb or aching hands and feet? This affliction may be due to poor circulation. Don’t wait…if left alone, it will only get worse. Unless…you choose to do something about it! Take control of your health today! There are simple non-invasive tests here…

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Concerned About Mercury Toxicity?

Mercury levels can be tested…we offer urine analysis here at the clinic. Mercury toxicity symptoms can depend on many factors: 1. The chemical form absorbed and how it is transported into the body tissues 2. The presence of other synergistic toxins (Pb and Cd have…

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Autism Interests

A recently published article in BMC Pediatrics finds children with autism may benefit from Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (HBOT). The multicenter, randomized, double-blind, controlled study compared children taking 40 hours of HBOT versus those receiving slightly pressurized room air. The study found significant improvements in overall…

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