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Bio-Photonic Therapy (BPT)

Bio-Photonic Therapy (BPT) with Amazing Health Benefits

In Greek mythology Apollo was the sun god who cured and brought life-giving heat and life to earth. It’s surreal how the Greek philosophies could change modern medicine forever. The sun has so many benefits not only to plants but also to the human body (at certain increments). Some of these amazing benefits are as follows:

• Enhances immune system by increasing white blood cells which helps to be better fighters to destroy germs.
• Encourages healthy circulation and stimulates the production of red blood cells which increases oxygen in blood.
• Soothes the nerves by boosting endorphins and serotonin in your brain leaving you with a renewed sense of well-being.
• Improves function of liver and helps break down toxins and waste that can lead to cancer and other diseases.
• Effective treatment for jaundice.
• Helps balance out hormones and relieves certain symptoms of PMS.
• A day of sun can increase melatonin output at night causing relaxing sleep.
• Converts a form of cholesterol in your body into vitamin D which lowers cholesterol levels and is noted as lowering risks for certain cancers.

Ultraviolet rays in the sunlight can kill viruses, bacteria, molds, yeast, and fungi.
But then again you have the chances of getting too much sunlight. So if the sun can cure these common ailments, why not use something similar without the danger? Something that helps your whole body. What runs through every origin of your body? Yes, BLOOD. This isn’t anything new though.

Ultraviolet (UV) light has been known for decades to have a sterilizing effect. Almost all bacteria can be killed or weakened by UV rays. In the late 1800s a man by the name of Niels Finsen had shown convincing evidence that skin infections could be treated successfully with intensive light therapy (UV blood irradiation). He received a Nobel prize for his work and findings in 1903. By the early 1940s, light therapy was being used in several American hospitals.

In the late 1940s numerous reports were being made about the high efficacy for infection and complete safety of light therapy. Sadly, about the same time, antibiotics made its debut, and the reports suddenly ceased. These antibiotics soon became the treatment of choice and light therapy got pushed into the shadows.

The most appropriate name for this light therapy that came to be is photoluminescence. “Photo” refers to light and “luminescence” refers to the emission of light. Today this remarkable treatment is called Biphotonic.
Therapy Details
Biphotonic Therapy or BPT is a procedure that takes a sample of blood drawn from a patient’s arm. The sample is irradiated with ultraviolet (UV) light so that the disease-causing microorganisms and the cells containing them are killed and marked. When the blood is returned to the body, the immune system sees the dead organisms. This makes the live organisms visible to the immune system as well. UV blood irradiation has been called the perfect vaccine because it immunizes the body with the dead cells of the organisms that are already active in the body.

BPT has been reported to help:

• Asthma or allergies • Chronic fatigue • Chronic yeast infection • Fibromyalgia • Heart disease and angina • Hepatitis • Lupus
• Non–healing wounds • Poor circulation • Respiratory infection • Rheumatoid arthritis • Shingles or herpes • Staph infections or MRSA