Have you or someone you know tried Viagra and Cialis with little to no improvement? Did you know 50% of men don’t respond to them?

A new research study might hold the answer…

A group of 60+ year old men with Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome (EDS) who had poor responses with the above medications were chosen for this study. Circulation to the penis was measured by using a combination of ultrasound and angiography. Thirty of the men were found to have plaque build up in the artery that supplies the blood needed for an erection.

They implanted stents to open circulation which showed a general improvement in erectile dysfunction. Now, we don’t recommend running out to get a stent. 34% of the stents placed in this study failed after only six months so they are not the long term answer. However, the study does highlight the importance of circulation in cases of erectile dysfunction.

So if you happen to be one of those men over 60 years old suffering from erectile dysfunction and not responding to medications, consider circulation as a possible culprit rather than hormones or even the combination of the two. Look into improving your entire body’s circulation with Chelation. Every man and woman over 60 has some plaque build up and taking Chelation can dramatically reduce chances of heart disease and strokes as well as prevent or treat EDS.

Want to know more information? Our consultation with the doctors is free. So give us a call today, get your questions answered, and get back to living.You can also find more information about this research study in the Journal of American College of Cardiology by authors Rogers, Goldstein, Kandzari, and Zotarolimus . Dr. Frank Shallenberger has also written more details on this subject in his book Bursting With Energy.

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