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Hollie G.

Dr. Parker and his staff we’re very warm and welcoming toward my family and me, when I found myself in a very compromising medical condition. I was very sick from a chemical exposure situation. The emergency room staff and regular MDs that I initially reached out to for weeks on end , could not understand the physiological changes that were preventing me from being able to function. The neurotoxin that had been in my system offset major anxiety and a heart condition. Where the Xanax that I had been prescribed only covered up my symptoms, Dr. Parker was willing to do a full evaluation and help me to properly detox. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber saved my life. After only a few treatments , I was able to eat and sleep again, remained very cognitive and stable. The team turned this horrendous experience into a miracle story for my children and myself. I fought very hard, and prayed every day for my nervous system be cleansed and healed. The doctors clinic staff even prayed with me. Today, I am back to my old self, and my very active lifestyle. I am living a organic and minimal chemical lifestyle without the need for prescription drugs. I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Parker. Thank you for believing me! And… Guess what? He is the only physician that has ever taken time out of his schedule to give me a personal phone call just to see how I was doing. They are working miracles in this clinic

Peggy L.

About 11 years ago I had prolotherapy in my left knee. It made a tremendous difference in the strength of my knee. A year and 1/2 ago I injured my knee leaving several tears. Because of the extent of the damage I had PRPP (Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy. It is amazing how much stronger my knee has gotten. Would do it again if necessary.

Bonnie A.

Love these guys! 35 lbs and counting, down 4 yes 4 pant sizes. Count not be happier with the results.

Kim H.

Caring. Honest. Really try to help. Offer free consults. They look at your whole bod not just one problem. I like that they prefer vitamins to drugs.


Love this place!!!

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