Obese women with breast cancer are at a 30% increased risk o having their cancer recur.

Theory: Obese women (those weighting at least 25% or more than optimal weight for their height) may have elevated levels of estrogen that enhance the potential for malignant cells to spread.

Conclusion: Weight control is an important factor in breast cancer prevention… from Ruby Senie, PhD, senior epidemiologist in the division of reproductive health at the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta.

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Author Gerald M. Parker, D.O. Dr. Parker has been practicing as a Doctor of Osteopathy for over 30 years in the Amarillo area. He specializes in treating allergies, atherosclerosis, hormones, pain, obesity, and strokes. Dr. Parker has had ample training in the field of stem cell therapy and completed module I and II workshops by the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians. He is a member of various organizations, including the American Osteopathic Association, American Osteopathic College of Pain Management and Sclerotherapy, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and American College of Regenerative Medicine. He’s received recognition as a Physician of the Year by the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Physician’s Advisory Board and is on Marquis’ “Who’s Who in the World” and “Who’s Who in Medicine” list. Dr. Parker has shared his expertise on TV shows, such as “The Today Show,” and “That’s Incredible.”

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