1. Anytime you take the stairs at home or at work, double step (every other stair). This is similar to the lunge, which is great for firming legs and butt.2. Commit to always taking the stairs. Set a number (6 times) and make yourself achieve it by the end of the day.3. Re-route. Take the longest route to your destination, ex. walk to the farthest bathroom, or around the office before dropping off that paperwork.4. Invest in a pedometer. Try increasing your distance daily. This is also a great way to actually keep track of how much activity you really are getting.5. Start your day right…upon waking set aside 10 minutes of continuous exercise. Choose 3 movements for different areas of the body (squats for legs/butt, crunches for abdominals, and push-ups for chest/arms) and do 15 reps of one, then move right in to the next, and continue for 10 minutes. Change up your movements each day.6. Another version of the above would be to pick one exercise movement for the day to do for 7-10 minutes, such as step-ups (standing in front of a chair and stepping up and down with one leg, then the next) on Monday then, bicep curls on Tuesday; pelvic lifts on Wednesday, etc. It teaches consistency, but is still quick and easy.7. Interval training. Time how long it takes you to walk around the block or around the office (10 minutes) and try to make it in less time (8 minutes) the next trip, ex. lunch break.8. A great one for work or in the car is isometric exercises. Women remember Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor…well, it’s the same thing. Tighten any muscle, such as abdominals or legs for 30-60 seconds breathing normal, then release. Three sets per area and the boss won’t even know.9. No more excuses…tired when you get home, just want to plop in that chair and watch TV, ok then, just make sure to take breaks. Exercise breaks that is. Enjoy your show, but during the commercials pick an exercise and do it for 5 minutes through each commercial break.10. It seems so simple, but if you can find a spouse or friend to do any of the above with you, then it will be more likely to be enjoyable and consistent.

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