Professor Andrea Salonia and his colleagues at the San Raffaele University Hospital in Milan compared 286 male COVID patients, who came to the emergency department, with 305 healthy male volunteers, who attended hospital to give blood between February and May 2020.

To put it very simply, those who were found to have low testosterone were more likely to become severely ill and die.

Professor Salonia said, “The relationship is noticeably clear: the lower the testosterone, the higher the severity of the condition and likelihood of death. I’ve never seen anything like in my 25 years in the field.”

The elixir of life

The professor’s comment is unsurprising given that except for health enthusiasts, few people are even aware of the great importance of testosterone in total health, and this certainly includes most doctors.

Testosterone levels begin dropping at a rate of 2 percent per year after age 40. Approximately half the men 60 to 80 years old have testosterone levels below normal.

Testosterone levels in women are about one-tenth that of men and theirs decline with age also. In both men and women, sadly, their levels of estrogen begin an unnatural rise at the same age that testosterone levels begin to decline.

It’s a double negative to lose testosterone and gain estrogen. The negative is further compounded by xenoestrogens- environmental and chemical estrogens. These are found in almost everything including plastic bowls and cups, Styrofoam products, household and farm pesticides and herbicides and the linings of cans that store our food products. From there they make their way onto and into our fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats.

It’s not incidental that as hormones decrease, we have degenerative diseases, including vulnerability to the ravages of diseases and a compromised immune system. Cardiovascular diseases are another byproduct of low testosterone.

For men who have diabetes, obesity, hypertension or lung diseases, the risk of low testosterone is much greater. Do we still wonder that these are the very same conditions found to make people the most vulnerable to COVID-19?

It is now becoming understood, mostly from the research and clinical practice in other countries, that natural testosterone offers important life-saving benefits ranging from relief from loss of libido to serious protection against disease.

The symptoms of low testosterone are low energy (loss of “drive” and focus), chronic fatigue, low sex drive, loss of muscle bulk and strength.

The replacements

The simple and sensible approach to the above health problems is the restoration of hormonal balance.

A warning to those taking statin drugs: Testosterone and all hormones are derived from cholesterol. Cholesterol is also a vital component of all membranes. Negative cholesterol balance can lead to low testosterone and vulnerability to disease.

Hormone balance should be maintained to maximize health. Hormone supplementation is not a temporary fix and must be maintained over time for optimum health. For more information on this vital topic, call the Doctors Clinic today to make an appointment at 806-355-8263.

Author Gerald M. Parker, D.O. Dr. Parker has been practicing as a Doctor of Osteopathy for over 30 years in the Amarillo area. He specializes in treating allergies, atherosclerosis, hormones, pain, obesity, and strokes. Dr. Parker has had ample training in the field of stem cell therapy and completed module I and II workshops by the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians. He is a member of various organizations, including the American Osteopathic Association, American Osteopathic College of Pain Management and Sclerotherapy, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and American College of Regenerative Medicine. He’s received recognition as a Physician of the Year by the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Physician’s Advisory Board and is on Marquis’ “Who’s Who in the World” and “Who’s Who in Medicine” list. Dr. Parker has shared his expertise on TV shows, such as “The Today Show,” and “That’s Incredible.”

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